Edward Farmer

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By edfarmer, Jun 1 2017 07:12PM

I was truly honoured to be invited to give a TED talk on my experience working with classical music and theatre! Thanks must go to all the amazing artists I've worked with and spoken to, your generosity and creativity is inspiring! Here are a few thoughts about why working across genres is so important to me! https://youtu.be/PVKQlPy9ahQ #EDdoesTED

By edfarmer, Feb 14 2017 08:06PM

I am very excited to be making my debut tomorrow with Narodowa Orkiestra Symfoniczna Polskiego Radia w Katowicach (Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra) - with music by Prokofiev, Elgar & Stravinsky, a phenomenal orchestra and wonderful people! Dzień Dobry!

By edfarmer, Jan 1 2014 11:00AM

Edward has been interviewed for the PRS magazine

When I first started going to orchestral concerts I noticed that the music was presented without any real explanation. Unless you’d studied the history of music you might not really understand the significance of whichever Beethoven symphony you happened to be listening to. It felt like classical concerts were an exclusive club and unless you were involved in orchestral music you were on the outside......

Read in full http://www.m-magazine.co.uk/news/views/reinventing-classical-music-2/