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Ed is an experienced music director and conductor, and has been a regular contributor to film and television score recording sessions for the major studios [Warner Bros, Dreamworks, Universal, Searchlight, Disney, Netflix, Amazon..] working at the major recording studios in the UK [Abbey Road, Air Lyndhurst, Angel and Empire]. He has worked with orchestras incl. London Contemporary Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of London, and Isobel Griffiths, as well as concert orchestras Polish National Radio Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Budapest Festival Orchestra, and London Symphony Orchestra. Ed spent his early career training youth orchestras and bands at Universities and Music Services across the UK.

'Edward has proven his exceptional skills to direct an orchestra like the London Symphony Orchestra and his musical talent. On a technical level he was always in control, clear in gesture and rhythm being able to show much of his musical ideas in the first run-through. He is very pleasant to work with...His musicianship and experience in conducting is at a very high level.'

Jörg Hammann, First Violin, London Symphony Orchestra

I have worked with Edward Farmer as a conductor, repétiteur and composer, both at the Royal Opera House, and on freelance projects in London. He is a charming and highly motivated musician, combining thorough, conscientious efficiency with a friendly and flexible human touch. He is always calm and courteous, and rehearsals always run smoothly when he is at the helm.

John Lloyd Davies, Head of Opera Development, Royal Opera House

‘Watching Ed conduct Beethoven's Eroica, I was impressed by the rhythm and flow he gave to the performance and his personal style of communication with the orchestra. Following this, I hired Ed to conduct a recording session of my music for film.  It was a pleasure to work with him. I sent him the music at the last minute, and he was able to bring out from the score all the nuances I had in my demo’

Maurizio Malagnini, Composer (Call the Midwife, BBC)

I have got to know Edward as a very talented, intelligent and open minded conductor. I was really impressed how he communicates with orchestra and gives accurate practical and musical comments. Edward has a profound technique and great musicality and sensibility, which together with his diligence and human qualities, let me believe in a very positive further musical career.

Dariusz Mizera, Solo Kontrabassist Philharmonia Zürich (Orchestra of the Zurich Opera)

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